Goran Grcić ING-PRO

Complete service and accommodation alone at the top level, I want to persist in this venture from the heart …

Erika Sarvak Barati

The conditions and services are superb, very satisfied. The judges from the Basic Court of Subotica..

Academic and College Professor. Slavko Karavidic with his wife Vesna

With Apartments “Biser” is entered in Europe. Here you can find the European level of content and services, and Serbian soul is full of warmth and love. Apartments “Biser”is jewel of the Vrnjačka Banja!

Dr. Rada Rajić

I never believed that in Vrnj. Banja there is such a thing! Of arrival “Biser” I came to the beautiful European building. All apartments are beautiful, luxuriously furnished, functional in detail flawlessly clean, comfortable and offer intimacy and a sense of infinite freedom. Complete eutopia quality first-class, the elegance, no frills, very sophisticated. Additional modules in the beauty room is definitely Wellness Center that is functional, by world standards, is available at all times, designed to provide rest, relaxation and fun. The hosts were professional, attentive, polite and direct the Balkan smile and soul. I’m happy to still be warm and recommend it to friends and loved ones for the holidays, the official program, conference, holiday or weekend for praise and recommendation…