Salt cave

Salt cave

Beneficial effects of salt are well known for centuries. Experiences throughout history have confirmed the healing properties of natural salt caves and salt mines in the treatment of skin diseases, allergies, and respiratory tract. Based on this experience and modern technology, as well as confirmation of clinical research, created the so-called "salt cave", and aseptic closed, but a very attractive area, whose appearance mimics the natural salt cave.

HALOTHERAPY positive effects on:

HEALTH - in Dermatology:

  • Atopic dermatitis,
  • Chronic eczema,
  • Psoriasis, acne,
  • Allergies, vitiligo,
  • Skin rejuvenation,
  • Fat burning,
  • Helps in the prevention of obesity

For respiratory problems:

  • asthma,
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,
  • chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract,
  • chronic Bronchitis,
  • Repeated bronchitis and pneumonia,
  • Chronic tonsillitis,
  • chronic sinusitis,
  • chronic pharyngitis,
  • allergic rhinitis (hay fever),
  • smoker's cough

For relaxation: chronic fatigue, stress, depression, neurosis.

Other indications:

    • Chronic and acute otitis,
    • Poor circulation,
    • anemia,
    • osteoporosis,
    • irregular thyroid gland,
    • a common viral infection,
    • regulate blood sugar levels,
    • relieves rheumatism,
    • regulate blood pressure

    Recommended for people of poor immune system, people who are exposed to severe physical and mental work, the athletes (in the period of intensive training, the repair of fatigue after competition).

The second group are people who have no health problems.
For each of us affects the environment that surrounds us. Irregular meals, living under constant stress and everyday rush is reflected in our health and mood. We become tired, apathetic, dissatisfied. Stay in salt caverns, followed by listening to relaxing music (soothing sound of the sea, birds, or pleasant instrumental music) acts as a balm for our nerves, stimulates the central nervous system, improves sleep and relaxes the body. Staying in "salt cave" leads to psycho- physical balance and helps concentration and ability to work, so it is recommended twice a year to all people with psycho-physical stress and health problems.

Method is suitable for both adults and children.
Treatment for adults is 35 min, and for children 20 minutes.
Effect for the full treatment takes 7 to 15 treatments.

Confirmed that the condition of patients suffering from atopic dermatitis, inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract infections, asthma improved after 5-10 stay in the salt room, similar to the residence after Sea.


  • Acute respiratory disease states,
  • Cardiac failure,
  • Coughing up bloody sputum,
  • fever,
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with 3 levels,
  • bleeding (while it lasts),
  • high blood pressure during pregnancy (as a measure of prevention)