Attractions of Vrnjačke Banje

Mineral Springs

In the municipality of Vrnjačka Banja to date has found 7 source of thermal mineral water, of which 6 are in the area of ​​the wrist and one in the municipality. Mineral Hot water source, is located in Vrnjacka Park, near the Roman sources, so the central spa town. Source Snežnik there is something still in the zone of river, while the source of Slatina located in the zone Lipovac River.

The origin of the Jezero, such as hot water, located in the spa park midway between the source Sneznik and Slatina, a white source located near the mouth of the stream Lipovac Lipovac river. Source Borjak is 700 meters upstream with a Vrnjacka river, from the source Snežnik., Vrnjačko vrelo is located at approximately the half-way road between Kraljevo and Krusevac.

Mountain Goč

Goč, mountain Kopaonik mountain, which rises in the rear of the Spa, one of the most popular tourist destinations, as Vrnjčana themselves and many of their guests. This mountain is covered with densely packed trees, their good work in the municipality of Vrnjačka Banja and one of its most beautiful ornaments.

Goč is the ski slopes where winter ski hosting the Spa, there is a lake Selište, health path, numerous ponds and farms, as well as many more in what you enjoy and what you can enrich your stay in Vrnjacka Banja.
From spas to the top Goča take between 30 minutes and 40 motor vehicles. If you are willing to see as much of Goč, our strong recommendation is that you get to it through the so-called old and new to come back. The old road to Goč is in good condition, the road is narrow, a landscape that takes you to pristine beauty abounds. Once through the Sunny Bank exit from the spa, a rise odpočne shortcuts slowly spa hunting "Borjak". Put you between tall trees, climbing serpentine road leads to the top. In some of the small village on the top you can learn more about the beauty of Goč, and friendly hosts will be happy to direct you to your destination.

Castle Belimarković

On the hill above the hot spring, is one of the oldest and the most representative buildings of Vrnjacka Banja - summer home of General Jovan Belimarkovića, which is 20 - century christened as "The Temple of Culture".

Castle of Culture was built in the late 19th century, specifically in the period between 1888 and 1894, the then governor of the minor Serbian king Aleksandar Obrenovic, General Jovan Belimarkovića. This magnificent castle is one of the Vrnjacka Banja trademarks, motives by which recognize and architecturally the most advanced city facilities. It is also one of the oldest, knowing that from the summer home of General Belimarkovića, only older building is city church.